Our academic team

Senior Academic Manager

Jennifer Diaz Green

Jennifer Diaz Green has been involved in ELT education for over 20 years in both Argentina and Ireland. She has a Degree in English Language Teaching from Argentina and a Master’s Degree in Education from Trinity College Dublin. Since being a participant in the original Academic Management Course by ACELS over 10 years ago, she’s been involved in Academic Management. Her experience is mainly in ELT Human Resources, teacher workshops, curricula and material development and compliance.

Academic Manager

Billy Rogers

Billy originally trained as an actor at the Montview Academy of Theatre Arts in London, where he achieved a BA (Hons) in Performance – Musical Theatre. In 2004 he left London and travelled around Africa and Asia, where he eventually spent a year teaching English in China. He returned to Ireland in 2006 and has been working in the English language sector since 2008. Since completing the Cambridge DELTA in 2013, Billy has worked in teacher training and development, syllabus and course design, and supporting students with SEN. He joined ISI in late 2021.

Academic Assistant

Katherine Albertson

Katherine has been teaching English for the last five years. She recently received her Master’s Degree from Trinity College in English Language Teaching and Linguistics. Prior to that, she taught English in Spain for two years. She has experience teaching a variety of English levels, and loves to incorporate current affairs and popular culture into her teaching.


David Giltenane

David has worked in ISI for ten years. He has a degree in History and Geography, a Masters in Environmental Planning and and a CELTA course to teach English. His favourite part of the working week is teaching about Irish history, culture and society in the History club in the school. He has lived in France and Argentina and in his free time loves running, watching movies and travelling.


Conor Dooley

Conor has worked at ISI for over 6 years. After completing a Master’s in Communication with Design, he obtained a CELTA qualification to teach English. Conor has experience teaching at all levels and specialises in Cambridge Exam preparation classes. Conor’s exam techniques have been proven to be very effective and yielded strong marks for his students. Apart from teaching, Conor has produced projects for BBC, Sky, and RTE. He also works with several companies on their graphic design.


Edia Connole

She is a writer, editor, artist, and educator working at the intersections of continental philosophy, cultural studies, and mysticism. She has been teaching part-time at ISI for almost three years now while continuing to present nationally and internationally at graduate and postgraduate level. Connole has contributed to philosophical and cultural collections such as Art Disarming Philosophy (Rowman & Littlefield, forthcoming 2021), Hebdige and Subculture in the Twenty-First Century (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020), Georges Bataille and Contemporary Thought (Bloomsbury, 2017), and Metal Music Studies (Intellect, 2017; 2016). Her books include Floating Tomb: Black Metal Theory (Mimesis, 2015), co-authored with Nicola Masciandaro, and Serial Killing: A Philosophical Anthology (Schism, 2015), co-edited with Gary J. Shipley. With Shipley, Connole is currently co-editing the commemorative anthology Acéphale and Autobiographical Philosophy in the 21st Century (Schism, forthcoming June 2021). Connole is also an avid “conceptual” cook, and co-founder, with Scott Wilson, of MOUTH—an actionist art project in culinary divinomics—and co-author of The Georges Bataille Cookbook (Schism, forthcoming), mmmouth.wordpress.com.


Zeynep Şahin

Zeynep has been teaching English language to adults for the last 12 years. She has a BA degree in American Culture and Literature and MA degree in Educational Technology. Currently, she is studying for a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. Since she completed CELTA in 2013, she has been interested in classroom management, gamification, integration of technology into education and curriculum development.