English for the Educational Workplace


  • 25 hours:  15 hours of General English + 10 hours of specialised modules OR,
  • 20 hours: 15 hours + 5 hours elective lesson.
  • Times: 8.00-to 1.25 pm
  • Suitable for B2 students and higher

Course description

Combining General English and language for the workplace, this intensive professional training course allows participants to manage day-to-day workplace interactions requiring English language skills  with more confidence, fluency and accuracy. The course includes practical projects, specific practice and applied exercises to develop a wide range of communicative skills, language usage and functional vocabulary.

The course includes

General English: Testing and classing participants in the appropriate CEFR level; Orientation; Needs analysis; Setting learning outcomes; Language focus and language skills; Skills workshops; Assessment of learning and review of learning; One to one feedback at the end of the course and Certificate presentation.

Specialised modules: Language of Meetings; Functional language for agreeing and disagreeing; Expressing your opinion; Hedging expressions; Descriptions and explanations; Language for presentations; Report writing and summarising;  Writing a proposal; Responding to complaints via email; Language for presentation of arguments; Communication in the modern workplace; Language for client service; Writing techniques and skills; Interview and mediation; Language skills for meetings and reporting; Conversation Fluency skills. Participants can also opt to do other teacher training modules that are available that week.

This course is suitable for

Professionals in education and in other fields, who need to improve their English language skills to deal with colleagues and partners in a more effective manner.


Tuition hours 1 week 2 weeks
25 406 722


Season Low: Oct – May High: Jun – Sept
Option Shared Single Shared Single
Homestay half board 205 220 220 245
Homestay full board 225 240 240 265
Residence self-catering n/a 325 n/a 360

How to apply

  • Applications paid privately can be made directly.
  • Applications seeking Erasmus+ funding must be made through your institution.
  • Our legal name ISI Study in Ireland and our Erasmus OID: E10020271 and PIC: 905414103 are required in the application.
  • We will also help you to complete the Europass Mobility documents.

  • We would ask to complete as much of the form as possible, using our Mobility Document guide

  • You can then email the completed forms to jenniferdgreen@isi-ireland.ie and Jennifer will complete any missing fields and she will sign and stamp the forms for you.


Meet your teacher:

David Kiltenane

David has worked in ISI for ten years. He has a degree in History and Geography, a Masters in Environmental Planning and and a CELTA course to teach English. His favourite part of the working week is teaching about Irish history, culture and society in the History club in the school. He has lived in France and Argentina and in his free time loves running, watching movies and travelling.

Are you wondering what is your level of English?

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I am the School Director at ISI Dublin.

I have over 20 years’ experience in teaching and educational management. Whether you are an individual working in an educational organisation or you are the organiser of a group Key 1 – Mobility for Education Staff project or you are an agency assisting with an Erasmus+ application, I am here to help you. Just fill out the form below with as many details as possible about what you are looking for and we will respond to you shortly.

Jennifer Diaz Green

For further information about our courses, you can directly email me at info@studyinireland.ie or you could also check out or download a PDF version our brochure to know even more about us! or, please, fill out the online form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.