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Irish Culture, History and Literature

Erasmus+ funding available.

The next start date of this course is August 14th, 2023, then it will be available again on October 23rd, 2023.
The course duration of this special module is one week. In the case of attending 2 or more weeks, we recommend you take the intensive general English course.


  • 25 hours: General English 15 hours + 10 of specialised modules.
  • 20 hours: 15 hours + 5 hours elective lesson.
  • Times: 8.00 am to 1.25 pm
  • Suitable for B2 students and higher
  • Available for teacher groups of 4+ students at any time.

Course Description

This course is for teachers who wish to expand their knowledge of both Irish life and culture and contemporary English as it is used in Ireland. The course also aims at increasing participants’ appreciation of different teaching techniques that can be used to bring Irish culture and literature into the English language classroom. In addition, the course will promotes awareness of Anglo-Irish literature and some of the famous Irish writers – Joyce, Shaw, Wilde, Kavanagh, Beckett – while also exploring Dublin’s highlights and hidden treasures

Course Content

General English: Testing and classing participants in the appropriate CEFR level, Orientation, Needs analysis, Setting learning outcomes, Language focus and language skills, Skills workshops, Assessment of learning and review of learning, One to one feedback at the end of the course, Certificate presentation

Specialised Modules: Specialised Modules: Introduction of Irish Literature, Culture and History. A comparative study of contemporary Irish literature, presentation of a variety of famous authors and their work, as well as their impact on society. A range of literary texts will be used within the classroom in order to help students’ develop their language skills with a view to exploring ways to motivate students’ creativity through literature.

This course is suitable for

Professionals in second and third level education who wish to expand their awareness in Language and Irish Literature in order to enrich their classes and motivate their students to explore the world of literature. Available for teacher groups


Tuition Application Fee Materials Fee
Per week € 360 € 50 € 40


Season Low: Oct – May High: Jun – Sept
Option Shared Single Shared Single
Homestay half board € 210 € 230 € 230 € 260
Homestay full board € 230 € 250 € 250 € 280
Residence self-catering n/a € 330 n/a € 365

How to apply

    • Applications paid privately can be made directly.
    • Applications seeking Erasmus+ funding must be made through your institution.
    • Our legal name ISI Study in Ireland and our Erasmus OID: E10020271 and PIC: 905414103 are required in the application.
    • We will also help you to complete the Europass Mobility documents.

    • We would ask to complete as much of the form as possible, using our Mobility Document guide

  • You can then email the completed forms to and Jennifer will complete any missing fields and she will sign and stamp the forms for you.

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Meet your teacher:

Edia Connole

Edia Connole is a writer, editor, artist, and educator working at the intersections of continental philosophy, cultural studies, and mysticism. She has been teaching part-time at ISI for almost three years now, while continuing to present nationally and internationally at graduate and postgraduate level. Connole has contributed to philosophical and cultural collections such as Art Disarming Philosophy (Rowman & Littlefield, forthcoming 2021), Hebdige and Subculture in the Twenty-First Century (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020), Georges Bataille and Contemporary Thought (Bloomsbury, 2017), and Metal Music Studies (Intellect, 2017; 2016). Her books include Floating Tomb: Black Metal Theory (Mimesis, 2015), co-authored with Nicola Masciandaro, and Serial Killing: A Philosophical Anthology (Schism, 2015), co-edited with Gary J. Shipley. With Shipley, Connole is currently co-editing the commemorative anthology Acéphale and Autobiographical Philosophy in the 21st Century. Connole is also an avid “conceptual” cook, and co-founder, with Scott Wilson, of MOUTH—an actionist art project in culinary divinomics—and co-author of The Georges Bataille Cookbook (Schism, forthcoming),

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